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Please read and review these Policies with members of your group.  Failure to comply with any of these policies may result in the immediate removal of Guest and any of Guest’s visitors from the house and the forfeiture of all rental payments and security deposit(s), along with other fees for damages as set forth below: 

  1. CHECK-IN is at 4:30 PM.  CHECK-OUT is 11:00AM   The check-in and check-out times are strictly enforced.  Guest will be charged for an additional day if they fail to check-out by 11:00 AM.  However, Guest may schedule in advance an earlier check-in or check-out time if agreed to by Owner.
  2. MAXIMUM 25 PEOPLE OCCUPANCY & NO HOUSE PARTIES:  The House can accommodate a maximum of twenty-five (25) people, regardless if guests stay overnight or not.   However, if agreed to in advance by Owner in writing, additional guests are permitted at $15.00 per person, per day up to 30 person total.
  3. NO HOUSE PARTIES:  Guests must abide to number of maximum occupancy and the Home is not to be used for weddings, receptions, parties or any other group functions without the written consent of Owners.  The Home   intended to be rented to Extended Families, Corporate Retreats, Church Retreats and responsible adults over 30 years and older.  If guests do not have written consent from owner for this policy, guests will forfeit all their security deposit.
  4. PARKING:  Vehicles may be parked as follows: 2 compact cars can be parked in the Garage, up to 5 compact cars can be parked in the driveway, and up to 3 cars can be parked outside the Hedge of the House.  Maximum total of vehicles allowed is 10.  No other parking is allowed at Castlewood, or on neighbor's property.     
  5. KEYS:  Keys are in the Lockbox. After final payment is received, Guest will receive a welcome package with the directions, combination to the lockbox, and other necessary information.  Guest will be provided with two sets of keys (one in the lockbox, one on the bookshelf inside the house.)  Guest will be responsible for lost keys and will be responsible for the cost of purchasing and installing new locks on the house if keys are misplaced and/or not returned.  
  6. LAUNDRY & CLEANING:  The House is professionally cleaned prior to check in.  A starter supply of paper products, bath soap, dish soap, and laundry detergent are at the House. Please remove sand from linens, clothing before loading in washer. 
  7. MATTRESS & BEDS:  Prior to check in, all beds are made up properly with waterproof mattress pad underneath sheets. Please do not remove mattress pad during your stay.  In the event that any mattress is soiled, wet or otherwise damaged, your security deposit will be charged.
  8. PAYMENT POLICY:  A 50% down payment with signed contract is required to ensure Guest’s reservation.  The Final Payment (Final 50% Rent, Refundable Security Deposit, and Cleaning Fee) is due one month prior to the check-in date.  If your Final payment is not received prior to 30 days of arrival, your reservation will be subject to cancellation. Please refer to our cancellation policy.  Refundable Security Deposit is $500. This will be returned if the house is not damaged.  Reservations that are requested within two weeks of occupancy must be paid by cashier’s check or money order.  Any returned checks will be charged $50.00 service fee.
  9. CANCELLATION:  A full or partial refund of the deposit, minus $150 USD cancellation fee, may be made if Owner is able to re-rent to other parties for the same reservation period.
  10. DAMAGES: Guest is liable for all damage and repairs to the House and its premises that are outside what is considered normal wear and tear.  Holes in the basement suspended ceiling will result in a flat charge of $150.00.
  11. PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED:  Pets are not allowed on the property of Castlewood By The Sea at any time.  A pet on the premise (whether inside or outside), House or any evidence of a pet in the House will cause forfeiture of all rent paid, forfeiture of any deposit, and immediate eviction of Guest and visitors.
  12. UNRULY OR DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR PROHIBITED:Castlewood is located in a quiet, residential area.  Excessive noise or parties will result in fines up to $500 per day. Owner also reserves the right to expel Guest and any of Guest’s visitors from the House for other types of unruly or disruptive behavior, including but not limited to climbing on the roof, discharging fireworks, using illegal substances, and the like.  If Guest or any of the members of Guest’s party participate or commit any unruly or disruptive behavior, Guest and Guest’s visitors and members of Guest’s party must leave the House immediately and quit the premises.  If Guest has reserved Castlewood for additional days, these amounts will not be refunded.   If Guest does not have additional days reserved at Castlewood, Guest agrees to pay $500 as liquidated damages for violating these policies. 
  13. BEACHES ARE STATE LANDS:  The beaches are Ocean Shores State Recreation properties which rules and enforcement are managed by Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.
  14. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED IN THE HOUSE: Smoking is not allowed inside the House. When smoking outside the House, the remainder of the cigarette must be placed in the cigarette container outside.   Smoking inside home will result in fine and/or eviction.
  15. TELEPHONE POLICY:  Only calls within the U.S can be made on the telephone in the House.  For international calls, please use a prepaid calling card.  Guest will be charged for any long distance charges incurred on the telephone.
  16. DAMAGE IN EXCESS OF SECURITY DEPOSIT:  Guest is responsible and liable to Owner for damages in excess of the security deposit for any damage or loss by Guest or members of Guest’s party.
  17. ACCESS:  Owners, along with any of its agents, are allowed access to the House and land upon at least 24 hours notice to Guest only through its owner or property manager by telephone, email, and writing or in person.  By way of example and not limitation, agents of Owner may include plumbers, electricians, rental companies, pest inspection.  If Guest or any members of Guest’s party refuses access to Owner or its agents, the Owner may unilaterally terminate Guest’s rental agreement, order Guest and members of Guest’s party to leave the House and quit the premises, and Guest will forfeit all payments and security deposit. 
  18. USES OF NEARBY PROPERTY:  Owners do not have control over the uses of property near Castlewood that is not owned by Castlewood.  Accordingly, Owners are not responsible for any noises, smells or other disruptions caused by uses of property near Castlewood.  Any such disruptions caused by the uses of property near Castlewood shall not be cause to terminate the rental agreement for Castlewood. 
  19. WEATHER CONDITIONS:  If any unforeseen conditions or problems with the House arise prior to or during Guest’s stay, Owner reserves the right to refund Guests’ payment on a pro-rated basis.  Such unforeseen conditions could be the following but are not limited to hurricanes, storms, vandalism, flood, etc.  Owner assumes no responsibility for such unforeseen conditions. Owner is not responsible for any weather condition or acts of God or nature that happen during the Guest’s stay.  No refunds will be made due to weather conditions. 
  20. MAINTENANCE/PESTS: Owners shall make every reasonable effort to keep the House, its systems and appliances in good working order. However, despite these efforts, some items may fail from time to time. Owners will repair any appliances upon notice by Guest. Owners shall not be liable for any failure(s) of any system or appliance in the House. Guests acknowledges that a vacation rental is dissimilar than a hotel attributing the private ownership of the property. Castlewood By The Sea will make every reasonable effort to ensure that guests stay is safe, comfortable, and pleasant. No refunds or discounts will be made for inclement weather, mechanical breakdowns, or other “nuisances” beyond our control. Examples of these "nuisances", which DO NOT warrant any refund and discount include but are not limited to:
    -- Breakdown of appliances (oven, dishwasher, stove, heater, TV's, VCR's, or electronics),
    -- Service disruption of CABLE, phone, Internet service,
    -- Construction in the area,
    -- Emergency repair,
    -- Presence of bugs when the property has been treated,
    -- Disruption of utility services,
    -- Home not decorated and accommodated and updated to Guests' tastes and perception
    Guests agree to report any problems to owner immediately. Castlewood by The Sea will make every effort to resolve the issue as quick as possible, however we cannot guarantee the speediness of service carried out by third party or when the problem will be resolved. Speed of service cannot be guaranteed.
  21. HOUSE UPKEEP: All occupants of the House are required to perform normal upkeep items on the House, to wit:
    -- Removing garbage and Recycling on Sunday & Thursday nights during June, July, August, & September or Sunday nights for the rest of year.
    -- Recycling Bins must be placed on curbside of street, please discard caps and rinse recyclables.
    -- Cleaning of individual dishes of all occupants.
    -- Notifying Owners of any damage or problem with the House or property.
    -- Locking all windows and doors when occupants leave the House.
    -- Keeping the House generally clean.
  22. LEAVING CHECKLIST:  If the items in the Leaving Checklist are not followed, there may be a deduction from Guest’s security deposit.
    • All sheets may be left on the beds. The cleaning service will remove them from the beds and place them in the laundry.
    • All dishes should be loaded and started in the dishwasher.
    • All garbage should be collected from throughout the house, including bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen--and then placed in the garbage cart or dumpster outside. 
    • Recyclables are to be placed in labeled cans. If these cans are full, please place the extra in the shed.
    • All thermostats should be in turn "OFF" position
    • All faucets and hoses should be turned off.
    • Kitchen counter top appliances should be unplugged.
    • All small appliances, such as curling iron, hair dryer et cetera, belonging to Guest and any members of his/her party must be removed.
    •  Patio / Deck furniture and BBQ Grill should be returned to the shelter in the patio.
    • BBQ should be cleaned and ready for next guest use. BBQ Shelter area should be free of food, other trash and cigarettes debris. Housekeepers will not clean BBQ grill.
    • Any food left in the freezer or refrigerator will be discarded.
    • All remote controls must be placed by the TV.
    • Return one set of keys to the kitchen bookshelf and leave one set in the lockbox.
    • Close blinds in Living room, Dining Room (not necessary if it is back to back booking)
    • All doors and windows should be locked.
    • Guest and all members of Guest's party should be out of the House at 10:00 a.m. on the day of checkout (unless specified differently on 1st page of contract and key letters agreed by owners)
  23. RECYCLING POLICY:   Guests must follow instructions on Recycling Policy, e.g.  lids, caps must be discarded from bottles, jars, cans.   Bottles, jars, and cans must be rinsed before placing in Recycling Bin, No plastic bags.  Lincoln Sanitary will not pick up Bins if rules are not followed. The Cleaning Crew will then charge a $100 fee for sorting things out. Please see Recycling Guidelines.